Brief Comments By Scientists

and health professionals

"TR Klompmaker proposed that adequate calcium intake should be determined on
the basis of the function of osteoblast. Excess calcium intake may accelerate
the osteoblastic function by promoting replication of osteoblast,
resulting in increase of the rate of apoptosis of osteoblast
and in the increased rate of fracture."

Dr Hirotoshi Morii, MD
Professor emeritus
in his article as executive editor of the journal "Clinical Calcium"
late chairman of Japan Osteoporosis Society

"I am not clear about your conclusions"
"...I like your concept of ARORC"

Lawrence G. Raisz, MD
Distinguished Professor of Medicine
US National Osteoporosis Foundation

"You have published an article which is intriguing...
Although I do not know if it is a valid correlation you observed, 

every challenging theory deserves to be put at test".

Dr Peter Lakatos, Hungary
European Calcified Tissue Society

"Living in the part of the world with the highest incidence of fractures, 

we have been puzzled of the seemingly paradoxical situation of 

having a very high calcium intake and the high fracture incidence.
We will discuss your hypothesis at length in our group. 

It would be very exciting to be able to proceed to trials in the area"

Vinjar Fønnebø

Professor of Medicine

Norwegian Osteoporosis Foundation 


"My first reaction is that you're on to something"

Gro K. Rosvold Berntsen

Medical Dr.

Norwegian Osteoporosis Foundation 

Center for Clinical Documentation and Evaluation



"Your translated article (in Romanian) has been posted on ASPOR's site

Andrea Gasparik Ildiko

Medical Dr.
of the Association for the Prevention of Osteoporosis in Romania (ASPOR)



"Your ideas are very intriguing 

and I would encourage you to test them... 

Your analogy with caloric restriction is interesting" 

Susan Whiting, Professor of Nutrition

Scientific Advisory Council to the Osteoporosis Society of Canada 



"Interesting and very provocative theory" 

Professor Bill Leslie

Scientific Advisory Council to the Osteoporosis Society of Canada 


"The theory is interesting and certainly worth testing experimentally"

Dr Brian Lentle

Scientific Advisory Council to the Osteoporosis Society of Canada 



"I have read your article with interest 

Like you, I have not been convinced with the Calcium insufficient hypothesis 

... I will raise your paper at the next meeting"
Associate Professor Stephen Lord

Osteoporosis Australia 


"Most fascinating. 

I am looking forward to hear about your mouse experiments"
Dr Uffe Ravnskov, Sweden



"Interesting paper -- 

the conclusions of which could have been predicted 

by the evolutionary template"
Dr Loren Cordain 


"Thought-provoking article"
Chet Day, professional health writer 


"Interesting suggestion"
Mark Abramowicz MD, Medical Letter 


"Interesting article"
Brandi Redo, Physicians Commitee for Responsible Medicine 


"Very interesting article" 

"Your hypothesis makes a great deal of sense 

and I will certainly abstract the article 

for a future issue of "International Health News".
Hans Larsen, International Health News