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Corticosteroids kill osteoblasts. (1)

Killing osteoblasts accelerates the renewal of osteoblasts, and thus accelerates the aging of the capacity of osteoblasts to generate new bone matrix.

Cortisol is a corticosteroid produced and secreted in the body. It is a so-called 'stress hormone'.

Crohn's Disease comes with elevated cortisol levels (2), as this is a response to the continuous inflammatory processes in people with Crohn's Disease. 

Crohn's Disease is associated with greatly increased vertebral fracture rates, even in young people. (3)

This is not due to increased breakdown of bone tissue (urine calcium excretion is lower!), but due to suppressed bone formation. (4)


This supports my theory that osteoporosis is caused by repeatedly inducing osteoblast cell death by any means, including a lifetime high calcium intake.





Abstracts of most sources can be found at the National Library of Medicine ;


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