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They don't know how, but scientists have found out that too much vitamin A can cause osteoporosis.
They speculate that too much vitamin A inhibits bone formation and enhances bone resorption. However, no markers of increased skeletal turnover can be detected accompanying excess vitamin A. (1)

Could it be that vitamin A increases death of osteoblasts, thus accelerating the aging of osteoblast bone building activity?

It appears that vitamin A regulates apoptosis in many different cell lines. (2)
In fact, retinoic acid also induces cell death of osteoblasts specifically… (3)

Also, analysis shows that, in deer antlers, significant amounts of Vitamin A (retinol) are found in tissues at all stages of differentiation. (4) 

The fact that excessive vitamin A has both differentiating and deteriorial effects on osteoblasts, and that it promotes osteoporosis, supports my theory that osteoporosis is caused by accelerating the aging of osteoblasts





Abstracts of most sources can be found at the National Library of Medicine ;


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